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We made stickers when we first started the site, man almost one year ago. Time flies when your spraying! tongue.gif

We still have a bunch of stickers left, and if I wasn't severely artistically handycaped I'd make some more with a new design. The stickers can be found at Pro Mountain Sports and if you don't know where that is you betta ask somebody.

If anyone has anything that resembles artistic talent and would be willing to help design some new stickers that would be very cool, throw me an email. They are relatively cheap to have made.

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Graphic Artist with some free time on his hands, i'd be happy to contribute. Shoot me an e-mail describing the info you'll want to see on the sticker as well at the format your sticker printing people will need. I'm assuming it would be an .eps

e-mail: gmanze@hotmail.com

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