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I am taking a group of friends climbing next weekend. There are 3 of us with experience, teaching 7 how to climb. Knots, belay, anchors etc... Trying to get them into the sport!

I have 4 harnesses, and am looking for at least 2-3 more. I can pay, just not new prices. If you have some you no longer need, please let me know what and how much.

sizes medium to large.




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You can usually find the Black Diamond alpine bod harness for about $40, new. Super no-frills harness, but it works. Some people hate these because it doesn't have a belay loop (you use a biner instead) but it's not like you're going to be catching super huge whippers with these

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Hey Dave. Do you ever check out Sierratradingpost.com? They have some edelweiss brand harnesses that are functionally the same as the BD alpine bod. $35 bucks a piece and you can always score a 20% - 30% off coupon code for this site if you look around.



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