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[TR] Rainier - Winthrop (Emmons) 8/18/2012


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Trip: Rainier - Winthrop (Emmons)


Date: 8/18/2012


Trip Report:

Short version:

Red Bull. Up, up, up. Red Bull. WTF? Up, up, up. Yahoo! Down, down, down. Tracks! Down, coffee, down, glissade, down. Beer.


Long version:






Gear Notes:

The route is spicy. Take more gear than you typically would for the Emmons.


Approach Notes:

Inter is still in good shape. Glissaded the whole thing in two shots.

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Nice write up CascadeClimber, and an impressive ascent!


You picked the right day, Saturday night it blew hard and rained at Schurman, and no one had much fun.


FYI, the "AJ" you mention on your blog was actually "JR." A hazard of two-letter names, I guess.



-Clive from Marmot

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