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Bacon Peak


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I am making some research plans for the coming summer, and am interested in the approach to Bacon Peak.


It loose like Green Lake is the place to camp, however, has anyone been there? How bad of a bush bash is it?


If you have been to Bacon Peak, what was approach did you take?


Any information would be very useful.




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I climbed bacon in 2009 from the anderson butte TH. This route allows lots of elevation gain from the car ;)


Easy terrain below Watson peak,

camped at the col on the east shoulder of watson.

plenty of snow in late june but also a trickle from the rocks nearby. shouldn't be hard to camp near water.

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I've been in there twice...'schwacked up from Noisy Creek to Ipsoot Lake both times: not recommended. If I were to go back in there now I'd traverse in from Watson Lakes. I've heard that's the ticket. The area around Green and Berdeen Lakes is a really cool place to visit.

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Anderson/Watson Lakes approach to the pass at the head of Noisy/Diobsud Creek isn't too bad of a brush bash particularly earlier season. The worst of the brush you will encounter is in the vicinity of the aforementioned N/D pass. Once you get up to Bacon, and perhaps beyond you'll be real glad you put in the effort. It's real wilderness, and a pretty good chance you may not encounter others.


Have fun!

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