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Dynastar Alpine Legend touring binding


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I'm getting my son some new skis and want to get him some alpine touring bindings for occaisional sidecountry/backcountry. Does anyone have any feedback on the Dynastar Legend Alpine Touring Ski Bindings. If you or anyone you know has used them let me know. I just want to make sure they hold up for resort skiing. There is a great deal available for brand new 2009 models for only $119.



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They are rebranded Naxos - no longer made, no warranty or parts AFAIK. Also note those are in Large only, Large accomodates a boot sole length of 320mm-370mm... They can be cut down to size though. I have done that. In fact, I will have a pair of cut down to medium Naxos with a spare toe piece available in a couple weeks, if you decide that is what you want, I could let them go for say $75. PM me if interested.


I gave up on Naxos after they pre-released me into a tree at high speed - You Mileage May Vary. Generally better reviews from lighter and less agressive skiers.

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