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[TR] Adams - South Spur 8/8/2010


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Trip: Adams - South Spur


Date: 8/8/2010


Trip Report:

not too much beta to give here.....just a conditions update. it's possible to stay off snow until about 8500 ft, although firm early morning conditions are making the snow travel very fast and icy. after starting at 1:30, we reached the lunch counter at 5:30. after a few gear malfunctions and athletic/duct tape solutions, we topped out at 10:30. there's still plenty of snow up there, but the sun cups are more like small penitentes above pikers peak:)

for the descent, i was glad to have skis (for the most part). i was able to barely ski the top 300 ft or so, before i thought better of it and walked down most of the final summit headwall. however, from pikers peak to lunch counter was delicious....smooth and creamy around 11:30. from there on down it was mostly perfect corn as well, although i had to avoid several patches of large sun cups. i was able to string together the snow patches until just below 7k for a 5000ft august ski run!





Gear Notes:

whippet and skis


Approach Notes:

cold springs

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I'm thinking of taking the Mrs up there on Mon/Tue, anyone been up this weekend that can add to the conditions report?




We went up the South Climb on Mon evening/Tue am... 92 degrees at the Trout Lake Ranger Station at 2 PM. 82 degrees at the Cold Springs TH at 4 PM. We camp just below the Lunch Counter and the low that night was around 42 ish. Conditions were frozen early then semi-slushy by mid morning. The glissade chute from the summit was more like a bobsled run, winding and over 4 feet deep in many spots. We noticed one new small wildfire burning to the west, just north of the Columbia River. All in all, a really fun over-nighter. The slog seemed much shorter than we both remembered. I'd post some pics but I've given up trying to load them on this site, as I always get sanffled anymore.


Gear notes: 1 pair pons (used from lunch counter up but the Mrs was fine w/out).


2 old skool heavy ice axes: used for glissading down.


Trekking poles, lightweight tent (did not need but brought in case the bugs were bad, but there were virtually no bugs) and one mamacita seniorita.


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