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Tele Trip South/Need Beta


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I'm heading from Sea to S.F. in December and plan to stop along the way to ski. Strictly backcountry tele.

Any info about the Ore Cascades, Ashland area, and Shasta would be appreciated. Need trailheads and other info. We're open to all suggestions, deep powder prefered.

Still months away and I'm drooling.


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If the weather and snow conditions are good at Shasta you can get in several thousand feet of vertical descent depending on how high you want to climb with your skis. I've seen people carry them to just below the summit via the Avalanche Gulch route (Bunny Flat trailhead). From the top of Red Banks down to the cars you can descend some steep slopes and get almost 5,000' in one run back to the trailhead. I understand that the upper mountain tends to be pretty icy other than in the best conditions.

December is a bit early in the season for a good snowpack. Particularly because of the really low snowfall last year. Check this link before heading out for the latest conditions update. http://www.r5.fs.fed.us/shastatrinity/mtshasta/The weather on Shasta can be really unpredictable. Like Rainier it generates its own weather. You can also check with the local mountaineering shop in town before heading up for the most recent beta.

Have fun!

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They keep a road to the rim open all year round. They do not plow the road which goes "around" the rim. You can then tour on the unplowed road all the way around, 3 days. CHeck this site:


It's a really neat spot with views in all directions.

I'd also receommend Shasta as EHMIC suggested. Check in with these guys before you go: http://www.thefifthseason.com/

I had a great spring roadtrip where we skied St.Helens, Crater Lake, Mammoth, the climbed at Red Rocks. Thought we might hit Shasta on the way back but decided to take the scenic route and stay east of the Sierras/Cascades until Bend.

Again, enjoy

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