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Rainier/ Tahoma July 4-7


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Great climb, three years ago, summited via Tahoma glacier. We hiked up Westside Road to Round Pass and followed a trail due east until the Tahoma. Pretty much straight forward glacier climbing with seracs and 45 degrees in some areas. Descended to Camp Muir after spending the night on the summit (wasn't my idea) and ending up at Paradise.

Happy climbing


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We completed the Tahoma Glacier using the Puyallup Cleaver and the direct route as opposed to the sickle. We camped near summit and carried over to Paradise due to concerns about warmth. Prior to the summit day we camped at 11200 feet on the glacier to acclimate. Protection was place twice, pickets for a crevasse with a marginal bridge and ice screws climbing up a serac.

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Originally posted by Alpine Tom:

Did you approach on the West Side Road? If so, what sort of condition was it in?

We approached via the Westside Road to Round Pass (3-4 miles and up 1100 feet) and then followed the South Puyallup River Trail to the bridge crossing and took the Wonderland Trail up to the ridge. The road is good. A great trip is to bike the road, but not with a full pack.

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