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To whomever interested.

I am an east coast boy who is moving to Portland in early January. I've been on rock and ice for two years (first ice leads this winter) with moderate backcountry travel skills. I'm looking for a rock/ice partner or snowboarder who is willing to show me the backcountry hot spots.

I'm looking for climbing partners and someone to head up some of the cascades.

Email me if interested at


Hope to see you on the mountains.

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If you're moving to Portland then check out the Mazamas Moauntaineering Club. This is an alpine climbing club formed on the summit of Mt. Hood in 1894. It is one of the premier climbing clubs in the nation.

Their web site is WWW.Mazamas.org.

I am a climb leader for the club and I can tell you from personal experience that if you want to learn about our mountains, this may be the best way to go.

See you in the mounatins,

Dave Sauerbrey

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