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Weather Links

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Hey, I've been doing some searching for useful weather links around the web, and I thought that I would share what I found that I thought would be helpful, and ask if there are any others that people like to check which might supersede some of these. This is just 20 minutes of looking around, so there may be other, better ones.


Intellicast Jetstream Forecast


Western Pacific Satellite Imagery

NOAA Satellite (IR, Vis, Vapor)


NOAA Geostat. Sat. Server


PNW Snowfall Forecast


Western US Snow Quality Forecast


US Wind Forecast


US Wind Chill Forecast


PNW Precip. Forecast


Tomorrow Night's Cloud Cover

(would be nice to find more local forecast)


Park-Oriented Forecasts


5000' winds aloft


10000' Winds Aloft



Any others you use?

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Maybe I should have put this in the Climber's Forum.


Or is it just a boring and pointless topic?


Or is everyone already on Holiday?

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Yes, this could be in general forum. Lots of good links presented, but I like to keep it simple.


For weather forecasts, the NWS is best, and you can pinpoint a Fx from your regional center:

NWS Seattle

NWS Portland

NWS Spokane


Canada's NWS equivalent:

Environment Canada


Imagery loops are obviously important because the current pattern of movement can be predicted for the short-term future, complementing any forecast. Before heading out, I almost always look at two different imagery sites, one for the big picture and another that is more specific to the NW.


For big picture imagery, my fav is the GOES-West satellite Pacific Ocean imagery with an infrared moisture overlay originally developed at Purdue but sold to and now provided by Unisys:

Unisys GOES-West sat 12-hr enhanced infrared imagery


For the local precip pattern, this site is very accurate (more so than the higher-altitude Unisys imagery):

Intellicast 2-hour infrared radar loop


Quite often for me weather goes in hand with snow and avalanche conditions, so I check the avy forecasts in season. Other good sites for specific info and Fx models include the UW Atmospheric Sciences Dept and the Aviation Wx Center, all linked from Lowell Skoog's links list.


Many useful weather links here at Turns-all-year.com

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I like this winds aloft format:





VALID 091800Z FOR USE 1400-2100Z. TEMPS NEG ABV 24000


FT 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 24000 30000 34000 39000

AST 3306 3309+08 2811+03 2517-02 2535-14 2449-25 245840 244948 243853

IMB 2320+09 2229+03 2335-11 2433-24 253440 243849 244154

OTH 0209 3412+12 2809+07 2510+01 2430-11 2439-24 244040 243949 243955

PDX 2806 3010+08 2614+05 2422+00 2439-13 2450-24 245440 244949 243954

RDM 2706+11 2416+09 2319+03 2329-11 2434-24 243740 244049 244254




At 12000', The winds over portland are blowing from 240 degrees at 22 knots, temp is 0c.


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