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McLaughlin Memorial on Thielsen?


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Has anyone out there done this? If so, is the route worth doing? The only description I have is from the Thomas book. He gives a fairly detailed pitch-by-pitch description, but says almost nothing about the general quality of the climb. Just looking for a general opinion from anyone who's done the route. Thanks.

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Ya I did it , But I did a direct and very sick finish passing up some old back-off slings.

5.9+X-very loose.So I cant tell you aboutthe upper part of the route,though I now knows it traverses right after the snowfield.

The rest of the route is quite serious in its self.The routefinding is tough. The rock is fairly loose, though it is the coolest thing you can do in south Oregon.It reminded me of N. Cascades. Rope induced rockfall almost took off my partners ear!

I wish everyone knew the story of Mark Mcgloughlin. He seemed so cool.I read both the books on his tragic climb of Denali. White Winds is the best, In the hall Of the Mt King is a poor account in my opinion. I attended a talk with Joe Wilcox and was very moved by the events . I was honored to be one of the few people to do the Memorial.Wayne Wallace

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