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Muir Sat or Sun?


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I just posted a "beg" request on climber's board for transportation from SeaTac airport to Rainier this weekend. I am an intermediate downhill skier, and just bought my first AT setup and skins for the very trip you are talking about. I was going to climb up, camp at Muir several nights, skin up/ski down the area as much as possible and take pictures. I'm reading that new snow has been minimal on Muir snowfield. Have you skied the snowfield before? I've hiked to Muir and a little beyond.

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Yeah, Muir Tomorrow morning....early.


Skin up, BS, ski down, BS some more.....lol


Hey MT38

.....I'd love to pick ya up man, but I live 1/2 hour away from the hill, and plan to be up skinning by 7AM.

If anyone happens to be going up tomorrow, then I guess we will cross paths one way or another.

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Well the BS'ing screached to a halt the moment I began throwing one leg infront of the other about 7:30ish from JVC, and found myself alone at Pebble Creek within 45 minutes.

For some reason, my anabolic threshhold has gotten better, and so I found myself humming some crazy Led Zep song for a little bit, and it worked.

Made it to Mclure rock soon enough while skinning my ass off all morning, and testing my old BD Ascension skins which I must say.....are about to fall apart.

They gripped and never slipped, not even on the steepest slopes, and I was damn pleased.

Made it to Muir a little before 10AM, fixed breakfast, found some time to BS with climbers, and then just pointed down hill.

Now mind you, I just screwed together a set of BD Arc ascents at 167 with a pair of Fritshi Express bindings and was giving the setup it's 1st whirl.

I made a few turns on the sorta cornish snow, and got used to their radius design, and before you knew it I was beaming past Anvil, Mclure, had to hop a few rocks, and was down to just about Pebble Creek within 6 minutes, which ripped because as I did fly by's on all the RMI heards heading up --- And could just imagine what they were saying to themselves.......

..........."That guy is having a hell of a time up here".


The weather was chilly, but moderate, and the snow began to show signs of melting around 9AM.


Met tons of folks and had a great time.

Just wished that it would have lasted a little longer, but now I am drinking a fresh cold beer at home, and thinking about my totally solid morning up on the hill.


That's my TR


GEAR: 35L ski pack



Spare clothes

Scarpa Matrix Boots

BD Whippets

And a great tune to hum to.



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BTW..... I want to do this again next weekend, or perhaps as an idea to ponder......how about---


Skin up to Muir Friday night, and I bring a small grill, with charcoal and the works.....you just have to bring your own meats.

It should be fun......BTW...Consider bringing some extra coals just incase you want a solid piece of beef.........FYI


Im bringing it regardless of you guys, so think ahead................................

........................................why not party?

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Well the BS'ing screached to a halt...


and found myself alone at Pebble Creek...


And could just imagine what they were saying to themselves.......

..........."That guy is having a hell of a time up here".




yelrotflmao.gif And when you stop being a juvenile dickhead impersonating and using someone elses avatar maybe you'll find a ski partner.

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