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beta on snow conditions


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Was up there yeterday...Firm snow in the morning, even icy in a few spots, but no snowshoes necessary. On the descent, things had softened up a whole bunch, but you still woulda been fine w/o em. Beyond that, condiions are superb for climbing (atleast in the AM). A foursome (RMI guides) came down Ing. Direct to Muir (around 2PM) from a carry-over of Lib Ridge. They said snow was super soft on the way down and their crampons were balling up big time. There's a trio hangin out at Muir that should have made it up DC this morning, so it should be good to go. Ing Direct has some crevasse obsticles, not sure it would be your best bet...the RMI guys said it was do-able coming down, but probably not so going up.

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