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Edward Plateau


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Bruce and I are going to try to hike through Tokatie Creek and hit all of the moderates on the plateau in a couple of days. Has anyone been up there or know if it might still be too early yet for those crags???

We are concerned about bringing snowshoes or crampons with us for the approaches.

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Given all the snow in the past couple of weeks, I'd say you can expect a fair amount up that high in the Enchantments. The trail up from Nada lake area into the Plateau (if you're going in via Snow Lake trail) is steep and scrambly, so the snow might be a blessing there, althoug it may be hard to find the way... I was in the Icicle last week and the Mole looked rather snow clad from down low.

The route on the Mole is south facing, so you guys might be okay. I have no personal beta, though.

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if you mean the mole group as your "moderates", the north face of the Mole is a classic 500 ft of 5.7 or so. Personally, I prefer the approach to Edward Mesa up Hook creek. A death march perhaps but very direct and should take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours depending. I like Toketie for the descent.

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