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Access Creek Approach


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Went up Access Creek in 97', not sure if much has changed in the last 5 years. There was a nice log crossing on Big Beaver about 50 yards east of Access Creek - perfect location. The route up Access was straight forward and relatively free of brush, lots of open timber. I think Nelson recommends staying close to the creek and at times actually walking in the creek to avoid thick brush. We found if you stay high above the creek (west) you'll encounter very little brush. There is one small patch of slide alder we negotiated but, thankfully, it was fairly short. Once in the upper basin, the route is very apparent and goes quickly. Good Luck

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See a trip report at http://antares.sc.suu.edu/climbing/ Follow the link to The Picket Range 1999. Access Creek is a wild approach route to the range. I can remember only seeing one sign of previous human visitation on the way up to the cirque (a tiny scrap of plastic). The keys to this approach are finding a log across the Big Beaver (note the photos of the broken log crossing on the day in and the "good" log on the way out in the trip report) and ascending through timber to the north side of Access Creek. This is correctly noted in some guidebooks (Nelson, Mt Fury route, Selected Climbs, Vol. II) but not in certain other guides (I am recalling Nelson, Luna Peak route, Selected Climbs, Vol. I). The Beckey route description in the current edition adequately describes the preferred route up Access Creek (which is the route we descended). As described in the trip report, we made the cardinal error of ascending up the south side of Access Creek. NOT RECOMMENDED!


Enjoy the wildness of this place. There is plenty to marvel at as you make the journey!


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