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Yosemite in November


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I am hoping to make a short trip to yosemite this fall and am wondering if mid-november is getting kind of late for a trip. I am flying down to meet a friend in san jose. Because of work I can only do 2 climbing days if I go in October, or 3 climbing days if I go over veterans day (Nov 11). What forecast/averages are most representative of the valley to get an idea for typical weather? I checked Merced and it looks pretty mild that time of year (highs in upper 60s).



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I agree ... who knows!


Last Thanksgiving I went to Yosemite. The first day it snowed, and rained, and hailed - total mess in the valley. That night, though, it cleared up (& got COLD) but dried out. The next day I was climbing warm rock in the sun!


I think chances are pretty good for decent weather in early Nov.

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we just got back from two weeks in the valley on Wed. and the weather was pretty good. It is getting cold at night though but there are so many south facing routes that after the inital coldness of the morning fades you could be styling in the sun. have fun.

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