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[TR] Mt Shasta - Casaval Ridge 05/04/2022

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Trip: Mt Shasta - Casaval Ridge

Trip Date: 05/04/2022

Trip Report:

Seeing a break in the weather around the Mt Shasta area I decided I would make a move on Casaval Ridge. 

This route has been on my list for a while and now seemed like a great time for it.

I left Bunny Flat trailhead around noon Tuesday.


I could see high winds and spindrift off the top (very cool)

High winds made for slow going. I had seen most parties who do this route bivy around 10,500 but I had more time before I wanted to sleep and I saw a higher notch that looked more protected. The temps were going to be higher than wanted both days so I did not want any overhead hazards while sleeping in the heat of the day.

I found a notch in the ridge just above 11,000ft.



Beautiful evening and views on the ridge. 

Seeing some wind textured snow higher on the route and a few inches of wind loading near ridgeline lower on the route I was sure I didn't want to be anywhere near those when the sun heated them up.

Moving by 2 am I found a faint boot pack that lead me through the lower gap and to the base of the catwalk.

The catwalk was in great shape, I found some bare ice higher on route that made for super fun climbing.

topped out Casaval Ridge around 5 am right as the sun came up. 


Misery hill made less miserable by a great sunrise!

Made it up Misery Hill and across the plateau to the summit pinnacle making it on top around 6:30.


Couldn't really ask for better conditions and had such a fun time!!

The ski down avy gulch was icy and slow but I'm sure when it gets sun it's a classic haha.

Back to the trailhead by 9 am and back home to Washington before dinner.

Thanks for reading!! a great start to spring and hopefully more to come!



Gear Notes:
Nothin special, skis to make the decent a little more interesting

Approach Notes:
followed the first chute to the west of the ridge
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