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Climbing Partner for Mt Hood July 2nd


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Hey everybody, my name is Austin and I live in Hood River.  Myself and three others are looking to climb the South Side Hogsback route of Mt. Hood next week and we are looking for someone with experience climbing this route to come along.  We all have moderate exp, having climbed Adams, Shasta, and several 14ers in CO.  However, would feel more comfortable climbing with someone who knows the route.  All of us are in mid-20's and are in good shape but cannot afford the guide services.  That being said, we could probably throw $100 bucks and a case of wine at our fellow adventurer.  



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Hi Austin , i hope you and your friends managed to get up Hood this summer. i am from England and planning to come over to OR next May and i really want to climb Hood, i've tried it on my own before and failed so would prefer to go up with someone this time who knows the route. like you the guide service at €785 is just too expensive and i don't want to Snowcat up, if you did manage to find someone experienced to go with you would you mind putting me in touch with them to see if they may be available next May. Thanks so much. Wayne 

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