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  1. hi all, I can't now travel out to Oregon in May 2021 as I planned, due to the Restrictions, so I am hoping to come out in September and would like to find a partner(s) to climb Mt Hood with then, i'll post my actual dates when i have them, thanks, Wayne
  2. Hi Austin , i hope you and your friends managed to get up Hood this summer. i am from England and planning to come over to OR next May and i really want to climb Hood, i've tried it on my own before and failed so would prefer to go up with someone this time who knows the route. like you the guide service at €785 is just too expensive and i don't want to Snowcat up, if you did manage to find someone experienced to go with you would you mind putting me in touch with them to see if they may be available next May. Thanks so much. Wayne
  3. hi, I am a very keen amateur climber \ mountaineer from England with experience and looking to climb Hood with a partner(s) anytime between 11th and 24th May 2021. Have gear and insurance etc, i'd like to climb the South Side from Timberline. I am happy to pay someone and \ or cover costs. Could do this on my own but would prefer the security of having someone with experience with me. Thanks, Wayne
  4. Silly me everyone, I’m getting confused with the dates, we’re planning to go up on any of the following dates: 19th June, 20th June, 21st or 22nd June 2018 apologies... thx wayne
  5. Looking for partner(s) or climbing buddy with experience of Hood to climb with two European based climbers. 19th, 20th, 21st or 22nd June 2018. We have basic experience and are reasonably fit but want to go up with someone who knows the mountain for added confidence. We will rent equipment, we’re easy going and determined! Also prepared to pay/contribute to expenses / costs. Look forward to connecting, my email is waynerowlatt@gmail.com thanks
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