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What time of the year for Mt Adams?


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Hey all,

when is the best time of year to climb Mt Adams?  

Aside from mountaineering in the Sierra, for the cascade mountains I’ve only done Mt Shasta and I was always under the impression that earlier in the year when theres full snow coverage is preferable to later in the year with all the exposed loose volcanic rock.

same deal with Mt Adams? Reason i ask is I see a lot of trip reports for later in the year.

thanks for the help

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The most common south side route is not steep and has no exposed loose rock, so the main concern on that route is weather conditions. Aside from weather, you just need to be able to know how to travel safely if the snow is hard and icy, i.e. how to self-arrest, don't glissade with crampons on, etc.

When is the best time of year? Depends on the weather, when the road to Cold Springs Campground opens, if you are a skier, and how you like long approaches, or not, on skis. If you are snow savy and don't mind a long approach then take note that some high pressure is coming in soon. There are avy slopes around Crescent Glacier and on SW Chutes. Staying on the traditional SS route is more benign.

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much appreciated. 

Yeah i forgot to mention that I would be doing the south spur route.

So weather is the main concern-- duly noted, i will use that as the main factor. 

Historically speaking, when does the road to Cold Springs open?

Appreciate the help, im located in Northern California and pretty familiar with the  mountains down here but not too knowledgable on the mountains up there

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I climbed Adams from the standard route in late September of 2015. LOTS or rock on the approach to the lunch counter and a few bands of rock needed crossing near the top of Pikers Peak.  My boots got a hammering. I wont be going back that late in the year again. Fun climb but more snow would have been more fun I think. June-August would be my best bet.

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