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Alpine Partner June 24-25

Val Zephyr

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Hey all!


I'm hoping to line up a climbing partner for next weekend. I'm very fit (Ptarmigan Traverse last summer in 26hrs). Lead 5.8 trad right now (used to be up to 5.10, but getting back into it after a short break). I'll follow 5.10 still if you are leading though :) I have a few ideas: some ambitious, some more reasonable and am happy to hear your objectives as well! PM me and we can start throwing around some ideas for next weekend!



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I just started a new job, so I'm a dedicated weekend warrior for the next three months until I'm allowed vacation days (some other time though, it would be fun to climb with you again Joe!). With weekends being all that I have for now, I am aiming to fill every single weekend day. The good thing is that grad school is done, so I have no responsibilities after Friday at 4pm. Pick a weekend that you are over here and we'll pick a good climb depending on weather and conditions. There are always a lot of options in the summer, so I'd rather have a good partner lined up than a place.


I'm generally also just looking to increase my base of alpine partners again to keep up with the demand for a busy summer climbing season. If anyone else is similarly motivated, get in touch with me.



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Hi Val,

I've just recently read your TR on Burgundy&Chianti from 2013. Nice lob! I would be happy to climb with you one day. Most likely I am busy until the middle of July, but after no plans yet. If you need a partner, feel free to contact me. My cell# 425-691-9793. I can lead trad 5.9-5.10a.



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