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  1. 6mm static as secondary rap line

    The problem with this system is that different diameter ropes (and a static combined with dynamic rope would make this even worse) move through an ATC at different rates which leads to a non-symmetrical load on the anchor. As a result the ropes can move through the anchor. This is probably not a problem if you're rapping off of rings but if you rap off of a runner it can cut through it. Everyone knows you never run nylon over nylon but everyone also raps off of runners all the time. Take an old scrap of rope sometime and saw it back and forth through a runner--you'll be amazed at how quickly the runner fails.
  2. AT gear for sale

    Black Diamond Desolations, 180 cm, Fritschi Diamir bindings, Ascension skins. $350. If interested contact me by phone or email. John Tulinsky phone (206)285-8532 email jtulinsky@ctiseattle.com