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  1. Sport climbing for the new millenium

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  2. Grivel helmet with clear shield

    I've tried the Bollé RX goggle inserts with poor results. While my vision was clear, my depth perception was completely shot. I couldn't tell something was one foot or three feet away from me. If anybody's found a better system, I'd love to hear about it. I have also climbed without my glasses. I'm pretty much guaranteed a nasty headache from all the squinting.
  3. Ice climbing etiquette

    "Climbing ist anarchy! Make your own rulez. Just don't expect anybody else to reezpect zem." --Reinhold Messner, November 2000
  4. Grivel helmet with clear shield

    Dandy, your grasp of the obvious underwhelms me. Having worn eyeglasses in inclement weeather for over 16 years, I'm well aware of the fact that restricted air circulation induces fogging, with goggles, close-fitting shields, etc.. My post did not ask those who have not used the Grivel helmet/shield system to sarcastically shoot from the hip about its efficacy. I posted in order to get info from those who have used the system or have suggestions that might work.
  5. Grivel helmet with clear shield

    Has anyone used the Grivel helmet with the clear plastic face shield? The reason I ask is I'm looking for a way to climb ice with my glasses. I can't wear contacts, so currently I either deal with the fogging and water buildup on my glasses or I climb stuff that bears a fuzzy resemblance to ice. Any other suggestions are welcome. Matt Stanley
  6. Ice climbing banks lake

    The shotgun approach has been tried before on the Punch Bowl -- by Bruce White of Wenatchee, I believe -- with no success. Maybe you can get a hold of that gun the Makah used for whale hunting...
  7. Ice climbing banks lake

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  8. Wenatchee and Columbia Basin ice

    We TRed everything. Cowgirls was extensively chandeliered and wet. Inside Corner was a narrow pillar and wet. Mark said he knows of only one person who's ever lead Cowgirls. With enough courage you can lead anything, I suppose, but having only very modest experience in the ice world, I'll leave that to someone else. It's "A" Fred Stanley... is there a "The" Fred Stanley? Matt Stanley
  9. Wenatchee and Columbia Basin ice

    Here's some pics from last week on the ice in Eastern WA: Tom Heins on the first step of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: Fred Stanley on Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: Mark Shipman on the upper wall of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: Mark Shipman on the inside corner of Rainbow Falls: Cheers, Matt Stanley