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  1. Drift Police/Civility Coaches

    It was duly noted...
  2. Backcountry Skiing Snoqualmie Pass

    I've done that tour a few times this year including a few days before you went up there. You just gotta take what comes your way and adjust your technique to compensate. I don't really know what else to offer....kick steps...
  3. Backcountry Skiing Snoqualmie Pass

    You tried to skin in on a day when there was a hard crust layer under the new snow giving you no purchase for your skins. Like others have said you just have to boot it and kick steps. I too am a little confused about your comments...
  4. Dru, Well actually...yes. Dan and Matt thanks for the story and the pics.
  5. Canadian Hockey Players kick-ass

    I thought Hockey WAS war! Canyuck bastards! I was gonna get aggro on the Canadian guy over at the powdermag board, but then we lost the gold, so I think I'll just sit down and be humble.
  6. Martin Volken talks tonight at REI

    Sometimes they have hot chicks that work there...
  7. "Despite previous avalanche control on the same slope Friday morning, a natural wet slab released near Stevens Pass Friday afternoon, hitting a car and carrying it over the roadside snowbank and down a nearby slope. Fortunately, only minor injuries were reported." http://www.seawfo.noaa.gov/products/SABSEA
  8. Clean your shorts and wash your car!

    What's tomorrow? Am I getting back in time for a pow day? How convenient!
  9. Thats General Caveman

    "Here in this space lie the keys to your death...touch it...see it....GREEN HELL!"
  10. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    Back, been out climbing (CHESTBEAT)...aaaah! the sweet smell of spray in the evening...
  11. You know who I miss? Retrosauraus. Where the hell is that guy? And ZDFG...miss you too.
  12. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    It's like a hornets nest over there! Walk the gauntlet. They've got their gig all tied in together and their loyalties set, so trying to troll & infiltrate has an immediate and tangible affect. I just used the obvious approach which was to start shit with the girl everyone wants but can't have. Too bad they're all in Utah!
  13. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    Trolling trolling over the bounty net....
  14. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    The one where they are threatening legal action against me! HA AH AHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  15. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    Hey cavey leave that skinny chodemeister alone and come bash people with me over at powdermag.com. There's a gonna be a hornet's nest going here in a few minutes!
  16. From CascadeSprayers with Love

    Charlie, I was just looking at your pic and I realized I just saw you at Mardi Gras! You almost incited that riot. Nice shades you were wearing there Snoop! Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta...
  17. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    I know I'm pissed about that. I was trying to prop a migration over to powdermag to give ol CC.com a break, and maybe even just have a moment of unity, but then Mueller had to shit on everything. I think he's just pissed because although I thought it was very cool that he got published. I thought it was bunk he used the name enigma for a long existing feature. Oh well when I'm living in Valdez season I won't think of you Greggie...hopefully I won't have this much time on my hands to spray either...it's a curse. Maybe we should just rent a ring and have a Mueller/Lambone Adamson/Borbon tag team match. I'll be the Rock. Of course I don't really have any animosity towards Lammy, but you always gotta back your bro's.
  18. From CascadeSprayers with Love

  19. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    Jon, OH THOSE CHIMPS! Sorry dude, just have Chad run over my head with his rescue sled the next time he sees me. Hey Mueller your on pins aren't you? Pinner and a leg? Are you the great white hope of the Praxis.etla tong? [ 02-21-2002: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  20. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    Jon, I'm not sure which Monkeys you're talking about but Powergel 10 pack has gone into favor over GU.
  21. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    And yes overall I would rather be fighting, but then you go to jail, people go to the hospital, more fighting results. Sometimes people get killed. I got aggro by the bucketload, but a small amount of common sense interjects and saves my ass from myself.
  22. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    Ok so I just talked to the race director and the course is going to be something like: http://mid.summit.boothcreek.com/winter/events/ 1. Traverse from alpental to Great Scott Bowl2. Across Piss Pass3. Descents intermingled here and there Something like that. $35 dollars and you can register either at REI or directly by mailing them. You can pick up forms at ProSki. For more info call:Bruce Greensteen at (206) 287-4836. The proceeds will benefit the NWAC. I assume tele is cool. You spray pretty good Mueller and yes...you pissed me off...now I get it. Touche' Fucker! Let's see how well you hang at the Rando rally. And if you don't ski and still wanna get it on I suggest soloing something in tandem. Whoever falls off loses.
  23. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    I suggest something better than fist fighting which I know I can do. I had over a hundred fights growing up as an amateur boxer, and many more fighting mexicans where I grew up so I'm over it. Why don't we compete against one another in the Snoqualmie Pass Randonee Rally for bragging rights ladies. That we we'll all go home with sore muscles instead of broken bones which would prevent us from climbing this summer.
  24. Wow! I never would've believed it!

    I'm not a trust funder Lambone. Now you better watch it, and don't dig yourself a whole cause I'm not nice like my buddies are.