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  1. Nice TR. We had an almost identical itinerary 3 weeks ago - hiked in to Terror camp, left early in the am on day 2 with hope of climbing Stoddard butt camp2camp; saw the steep choss to get to rap the anchor to get to Mustard gl, contemplated setting up a higher anchor, then reevaluated our time plan and pivoted to wild hair crack (bailing on dropping down to the N side). Wild Hair Crack was super fun, but we left feeling a thirst for more after spending a 3 day trip just for 3 pitches. hope to return in the future earlier season to get the stoddard butt
  2. Strong work Jake, Adam, and Emilio! awesome to read your story- we saw your names in the summit registers and also were wondering what your story was. I found this a few months late but posting to solve your jetboil/nalgene mystery. Our party of 5 climbed the moxes, Redoubt, and Spickard via Perry creek basin over ~7 days starting 7/1. We contemplated the northern lobe of the Perry glacier approach but bailed to the Spickard S slopes approach route (via Spickard-Solitude col) after seeing the melted state of the Perry glacier. THUS, we just missed u - we were sneaking around to Lake Ouzel basin via Spickard slopes (7/2) and climbing Easy mox standard route (7/3) while you were messing around on Crazy Crushed Contours Wall and doing your deproach finding our stashed gear. We brought a 2nd stove in case we needed to split our large party for some reason but decisded to stash in a visible place in the Perry creek basin (here is our TR on nwhikers: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8034176) I am especially impressed that you did the scrambling over the Ridge of Gendarmes twice with overnight packs, and also that you did this in the midst of our heat wave (if my memory is correct). Congrats!
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