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  1. Mexico or Ecuador climbing

    Good point. I've read that you can get a taxi, bus, or even hire a driver to Puebla and Tlachichuca for pretty reasonable. Less than $100 to hire a driver and probably much less for a bus. I wonder how much a rental car would cost for the trip?
  2. Mexico or Ecuador climbing

    @Need2Climb I'm headed to Orizaba and probably one other peak in the area over 4-5 days including Thanksgiving and that weekend. My wife has already agreed to let me miss Thanksgiving this year so long as she doesn't have to spend it with my side of the family. It's a win-win. I never use guides if I can help it. I just research the heck out of my trips and put a lot of prep into them. So far I have one tentative partner. My plan is to go cheap as possible. I like the flexibility of the rental car idea, but only if I can split it between 4 people. It would need to be a 4x4 for the drive to Orizaba. I also posted on your Alpine Dad's thread. You seem to have many of the same plans as me this year. Feel free to PM me. Maybe we can work things out.
  3. Alpine Dads wanted

    I'm 37 and live in Vancouver WA. My kids are ages 9 (boy), 10 (boy) , 12 (girl). I'm always looking for capable people to climb with in the alpine until my kids are old enough to be those people. I've been ticking off the all the major peaks in the Cascades for the past year (Hood in Winter and Spring, Helens 3 times, and Adams so far). My plans for this year are Baker, Rainier, Adams again, Helens again, Bailey, and Orizaba (Mexico). I'm having trouble finding dependable partners for these longer trips so hit me up if you can stick to a date.