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  1. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Hi Ted, Have you found someone to go up Rainier with you? Contact me to discuss: dave@chapmanmortgages.com; 206-755-1697 Dave
  2. Hi MB, Have you found someone yet. Call me at 206-755-1697; dave@chapmanmortgages.com
  3. Climbing Rainier

    IF you are interested in climbing Rainier from early August to mid August, please contact me at 206-755-1697 Need 1 to 3 experienced climbers as a team of 3 to 4 ideally. Email me also at: dave@chapmanmortgages.com P.S. I have been to the top one time but made it up several times to Muir and beyond. I am in excellent shape but an old geezer climber! Best time me is before Aug. 15th ideally