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  1. Beacon

    Thank you, Ivan! Just think Ken would be far more apprecitive of being placed up on the rock he loved rather than on the ground, which is about as high as I go! Be looking forward to hearing from you anytime...I live in Hazel Dell so easy enough for us to meet up whenever you say...the kids and I may even want to hike along, if possible, perhaps!
  2. Beacon

    Ivan, I can not begin to thank you enough for taking some of Ken to be in one if his beloved climbing spots for all eternity! So sorry I didn't get to hear your beautiful words prior to setting him free...perhaps I can send a bit more of Ken to another favorite spot of his and we can get a recording then. Scott and Craig said it was so beautiful it brought tears to their eyes! It was a beautiful day and I have no doubt that Ken felt the love from all...I know the kids and I sure did! <3. If you ever want to give me a heads up when you may be heading to Index, Smith Rocks or Yosemite, maybe I could impose on you again? My email is gszumwalt@gmail.com or phone (360)907-9874. Thank you to all the climbers that joined us yesterday, and to all that may take a moment to think of Ken when they are passing over him on the rock from here on out...
  3. Beacon Rock Stories

  4. Beacon Rock Stories

    Yes, we are at the boat launch!
  5. Beacon Rock Stories

    Sunday May 6th...
  6. Beacon Rock Stories

    Not sure if you saw, but we will congregate in Beacon parking lot at 1pm Sunday May 6th . Hope to see you and some of the other guys there!
  7. Beacon Rock Stories

    If "ole' boy" is Jim I have his number!
  8. Beacon Rock Stories

    Thank you, Ivan, I like that...
  9. Beacon Rock Stories

    Thank you, this was a shock and is very tough on the kids and me, for sure I appreciate your help in getting the word out! You are absolutely right about what Ken would do with a "closed" route! HA! Yes, hoping for good weather, too...we all know how iffy springtime in the PNW can be!
  10. Beacon Rock Stories

    This is Gail, Ken's former wife and mother of his kids, Denise and David. Wanted to say it does my heart good to see such great stories and pictures of Ken on this site ! Hoping there will be a nice turnout at Beacon on May 6th for his celebration of life at one of his favorite climbing spots...when he couldn't be in Yosemite, of course! Trying to find Jim Opdyke, Google is failing me. If anyone knows a way to contact them, or any of his old climbing buddies, please let them know that Ken has gone on to bigger and better things. Looking forward to reconnecting and/or meeting you guys!