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  1. Kam, I couldn't agree more. I've climbed that face and made an attempt to ski the normal route, but the thought of skiing the north face makes me shiver! Atom, I stitched a pano in ACR then opened in PS to use Silver FX Pro B&W plug-in.
  2. Thanks Jason, I was impressed by the runnels. I go up there a lot, but have never seen it quite like that.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Michael, sorry, but I'm not interested in the close-up idea. I have heard though that many climbers around the world are getting drones for just that reason. Here in WA many places would be off limits though because of the no drones limits in national parks and wilderness areas.
  4. Trip: Mt. Index - Lake Serene photo trip Trip Date: 03/23/2021 Trip Report: I did a morning hike up to Lake Serene last week to fly my drone and get some new views of Mt. Index. Thought some of you might enjoy a couple images. Gear Notes: DJI Mavic 2 Pro Approach Notes: I thought there would be a good boot pack but the last traverse was snowshoed and I punched through a bit.
  5. This is one of the better threads I've seen on this site, thanks to everyone for their thoughtful words, esp. @W whose whole narrative rings true to myself (no cancer in my case, but a series of minor accident/injuries have recently reminded me of my mortality). My contribution is that while climbing is undeniably useless for society at large (other than some advertising photos for teamwork or life insurance etc.) it can be a core pillar of psychological support for most of us addicts. I don't know what I would have done without it in my 20s. It gave me my tribe and best friends for life, kept me in shape, and provided a spiritual experience after I lost my Christian faith. I still feel closer to the essence of the universe in nature, but more so during and after a long and intense alpine climb (even one with very low risk). But after 50+ years in the game I look back on those I've lost, and my own close calls, knowing that I've been damn lucky. Like others have said, life is dangerous, none of us get out alive. All of us who participate in challenging sports long enough will get injured, and I'm afraid some will die in the pursuit, but it is so deeply woven into who we are and how we find fulfillment that we can't quit cold turkey. I didn't know Marc or Ryan personally, but have followed Marc through his early posts here and his awe inspiring recent climbs. I must admit that when I heard about his Cerro Torre solo I grouped it with Alex on El Cap, "Please back off now and let this stand as a testimony to the human spirit and potential, not fuel for those who see such exploits as suicidal insanity." But I know how hard it would be to not keep at it with those skills. Then the boys die on a standard descent where any regular joe climber could have been. Wrong place wrong time. S@!# happens. RIP young bucks, and condolences to families and friends left behind.
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