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  1. Looking for ice climbers

    Hi! Thanks for your reply!
  2. Hey everyone, I went to the White Mountains end of February and did ice climbing for 5 days with a private instructor. I am now looking for experienced ice climbers so I can keep climbing. I am willing to compensate you for your time to climb with someone at my level.These are the climbs I did:Day 1: Cathedral Ledge, The North End (Grade 1 to 2)Day 2: Willey's Slide (Grade 2)Day 3: Frankenstein, the Trestle Slab and Lost in the Forrest (Grade 2)Day 4: Frankenstein, Standard Route (Grade 3) But I only did the first pitch.Day 5: Mt. Willard, Lefthand Monkey Wrench (Grade 3-) and The Cleft (Grade 2). End of day: Lower Snot Rocket (Grade 3)Please, if you would like to climb with me email me brida13@msn.comThanks,Brena
  3. Looking for ice climbers

    Hi! I live in the Seattle area, but you can live anywhere. I don’t mind going long distance to climb. If you are interested, would you please email me? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm planning to do the DC route on the first weekend in September, but I think I will have to be very lucky to summit. So here is my scoop. I'm a beginner. I climbed Hood, Colchuck and Silver Star in May. I will take a 5 day mountaineering course on Baker in August and have Shuksan, Adams/Mazama Glacier, and Rainier as follow up climbs. They will be back to back. I'm looking for experienced climbers who will be comfortable at the level I am right now to do Rainier on July 28th and 29th. It's the only weekend I am available. If you already have a group going that I could join, I would like to be a group of 3 people max. If you can go with me, or if I can join your group, please, do not reply here, but email me instead brida13@msn.com I'm only posting this because... let's just say I do believe in miracles... lol Thanks! Brena
  5. Hey everybody, me and a friend are looking for a third person to join us on our Rainier climb via the DC route on July 9th-11th. You must know crevasse rescue. If you are interested, please, do not message me here, email me brida13@msn.com Thanks, Brena
  6. Hello everyone, I will be taking a 5 day mountaineering course in early August, and I would love to get a couple climbs following up my course, so I can practice and keep building my skills. I moved here from LA 9 months ago and don't really know that many people. I am looking for reliable, self-reliant climbers to go with me as I am still learning. It could be any climb as long as you are comfortable with it. If you are interested, would you please email me instead of replying here? brida13@msn.com Thanks!!