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  1. Hey everyone, I'm planning to do the DC route on the first weekend in September, but I think I will have to be very lucky to summit. So here is my scoop. I'm a beginner. I climbed Hood, Colchuck and Silver Star in May. I will take a 5 day mountaineering course on Baker in August and have Shuksan, Adams/Mazama Glacier, and Rainier as follow up climbs. They will be back to back. I'm looking for experienced climbers who will be comfortable at the level I am right now to do Rainier on July 28th and 29th. It's the only weekend I am available. If you already have a group going that I could join, I would like to be a group of 3 people max. If you can go with me, or if I can join your group, please, do not reply here, but email me instead brida13@msn.com I'm only posting this because... let's just say I do believe in miracles... lol Thanks! Brena
  2. Hey everybody, me and a friend are looking for a third person to join us on our Rainier climb via the DC route on July 9th-11th. You must know crevasse rescue. If you are interested, please, do not message me here, email me brida13@msn.com Thanks, Brena
  3. Hello everyone, I will be taking a 5 day mountaineering course in early August, and I would love to get a couple climbs following up my course, so I can practice and keep building my skills. I moved here from LA 9 months ago and don't really know that many people. I am looking for reliable, self-reliant climbers to go with me as I am still learning. It could be any climb as long as you are comfortable with it. If you are interested, would you please email me instead of replying here? brida13@msn.com Thanks!!