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  1. [TR] Humpback Mountain - Humpback Flows 02/07/2019

    I’ve heard a lot of people say the same about always considering them, but not checking them out. They’re definitely worth it even if the approach is a bit rough!
  2. [TR] Humpback Mountain - Humpback Flows 02/07/2019

    Yep, that looks about right! Yes, Pete’s photos definitely show much thinner ice for sure and looking at it more, I do believe it’s roughly “Martinelli.” Do you and the other guys mind giving me your names and we can give credit where credit is due? Also, if you wanted to rename anything, then go for it! Call me sappy, but I really respect and enjoy the historical perspective of climbing routes. My friends and I plan to keep exploring this location and anticipate being able to provide more beta and descriptions of the lines we climb for the benefit of others, so I think it would be awesome to include your guys’ efforts in the record. Thanks again, Rat!
  3. [TR] Humpback Mountain - Humpback Flows 02/07/2019

    Rat, thank you for the link! I read all pages of that thread and still don’t have a clear view of which lines they may have climbed. It sounds like some runs were made on what we’ve been calling “The Sheet” above and Pete got on a WI4/4+ line on the wall we’ve been calling the “Hidden” wall above. In fact, his photos suggest the green line above that we called Martinelli was what he climbed. Does that sound correct? Just right of the stepped features... Do you know if any of the lines left or right of Pete’s line were climbed? Did he name them? I’d be happy to take on the task of compiling all the info and putting together a bit of a guide on the area expanding off of my trip report above. The key in my mind is to make all of this more available to the community so that others can enjoy the ice when it’s in! Thanks again!
  4. [TR] Humpback Mountain - Humpback Flows 02/07/2019

    I agree completely, Kyle! Anything to keep people hunting and putting up new and interesting lines is what we’re going for! Thanks for the inspiration via you recent work on Melakwa Flows and Bryant. Between those and Humpback, we just opened the potential for a ton of additional ice development all before you hit the top of the pass! Who would have thought?! - Justin
  5. Anyone been up near Rap Wall or Bryant Buttress recently? Looking for some beta on recent snow conditions as I hear that the base and chains can get pretty well covered...pics would be awesome! Can any of the routes there be top roped? I thought I had read that you can in Alex K’s book. I’ve never been, but I’m thinking I may scope it out on my day off this Friday if the weather is reasonable and I can find someone to join me. Thanks! Cheers, - Justin