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  1. Rope team rainier june 17-23

    We have got a team of 4 heading up the emmons on june 17th
  2. Rope team rainier june 17-23

    As of now looks like I'm solo... still looking for +1.
  3. Rainier DC June 17th

    Flying into Seattle the morning of June 16th. Looking for a rope team for the upper glacier. I will be picking up permits the 16th, and planning to start the climb the morning of the 17th. Coming from MI, and doing the trip unguided. Hit me up on facebook Tom Gerrish.
  4. Rope team rainier june 17-23

    If you are going to climb rainier between june 17-23 contact me. I am looking for a rope team on the upper mountain and have basic mountaineering skills, common sense, been to 18.5k ft. Contact me on facebook: Tom Gerrish
  5. Rainier Pardner 2018

    Im looking to climb rainier the first week in may. April 29th to may 5th. Any route. Contact me if you are seriously interested. add me on facebook Tom Gerrish.
  6. Rainier partners april 28th-may 6th

    Add me on facebook
  7. I get off work on april 27th and must be back on monday may 7th. If you are seriously interested in climbing rainier between these dates please leave a comment below. I am located in MI. I have some previous mountaineering experience from a trip I took to ecuador. If you are curious about my experience I can send you a video of my trip. I dont claim to be an expert in any way but I train my ass off and I am big on using common sense.