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  1. Rainier Pardner 2018

    Looking for a partner to tackle Rainier in 2018, summer, whenever conditions are right. I can do 5 days, possibly around the 4th of July weekend. I have basic self-arrest skills, own crampons, ice axe, and helmet. I'm fit.
  2. South Sister South Ridge Conditions/Advice

    Its a long hike in but maybe you could hire someone with a snowmobile to take you to the foot of the mountain so you aren't expending your energy trudging through deep snow just to get there. Someone once posted another trip report about SS in winter and stated that they were so burned out from the hike in that they had nothing left for the climb. Call the ranger for snow conditions, but know that their assessment might be completely different from the conditions you encounter. Good luck!
  3. Look what I found...

    Looks like the Castle Craigs area...
  4. New to Portland, OR and to climbing-have car

    Check this out: http://www.infinitec.org/play/outdoor/climb.htm
  5. New to Portland, OR and to climbing-have car

    Hey, good for you for not letting your disability dictate the terms of your life! I don't mean to pry, but I am curious about the nature of your disability. I ask because I did a little research after reading your post. Most of the adaptive climbing techniques and equipment focus on people with para or hemiplegia, amputees, and other physical disabilities. As an occupational therapy student and novice mountaineer, I have also been fascinated by prosthetic ice climbing tools and similar belay devices, but have not seen what specific equipment and training costs, or if there are programs in the area that serve climbers with disabilities. As a budding climber myself, I have considered attending Mazamas BCEP classes for basic training in safety, technique and practice. These classes can be expensive, time consuming and very difficult to get into to, but you can still attend their lectures for free!I recommend checking out their website for more info. Some other considerations: what qualities are you looking for in a climbing partner? In what way would you ask them to assist you in an alpine environment? Best of luck with all your endeavors!
  6. Does anyone know what climbing conditions are generally like on Hood in December? I have a month-long break from school from the 5th to Jan 5th and I was hoping to solo southside route. I'm not finding much info on winter climbs. Nor am I finding much about current conditions pertaining to the snow and ice pack up there. Thanks!