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  1. Update from 5/3: Large chockstone a little more melted out, still easy to get around. Upper section was a lot of bare ice, glad to have tool/venom combo. Last rock section was snow-free. Excellent fun day out! Great skiing from the base back to the car.
  2. Hey all! Sisters ski traverse was definitely on my radar this year, most sources say May is the time to do it but I doubt that will be the case this year. Looking for any and all info to assist me, or even if it's possible with such a bad snow year. Things like approach, routes, and where the snow is on those things. Any an all is appreciated!
  3. See it all here! Open to offers on anything. http://mountainproject.com/v/fs-new-stuff-added-lots-of-soft-shell-pants-or-patagonia-arc-marmot/110121902 Thanks!