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  1. When Jim Bridwell introduced the letters to climbing grades in '73, he picked a number routes that were supposed to be the yard sticks of which other routes are measured by. For example, Serenity Crack defines the 5.10d thin crack. Is Slow Children harder Serenity? Lunatic Fringe sets the bar for 5.10c. Is Sagittarius harder than Lunatic Fringe?
  2. I was there when this happened, watched the whole thing and helped in the rescue. The dog was blind and very old. It was wandering in the Red M&Ms vicinity. It took a wrong step and slid down a bit towards the lower cliffs. A few people tried to call to the dog to walk uphill from the cliff, but it kept stepping backwards in fear and confusion. Eventually it slipped again and went over the edge. Broke both legs at least. Put down at the vet in Quincy.
  3. Did you recently bail on Solid Gold? I have your shiny new gear. I don't believe in booty, so let me know what you lost and your tape color and I'll return it.
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