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  1. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 7/5/2014

    I started at 11:40pm and Chris caught up with me at Hogsback. We've communicated before regarding Rainier/Hood but never finalized on anything, so it was a very pleasant surprise when Chris recognized me! We formed a 2 person team and climbed the old chute together, Chris also helped me to navigate the top ledge traverse to the actual summit, what a great guy! I would add a few things: 1. first time climbers may have hard time finding the route out of the parking lot, just go up and make sure the cats are working to your left. Once you reach the top Palmer lift go up (north) from there. 2. old chute route is not bad, good solid steps. When going down side steps work just fine, no need for second tool, no need for face-in down climb. 3. Once on the top edge be very careful traverse to your right. This year the edge is very narrow with huge drop on both sides.
  2. Need climbing partner for Rainier

    Summitted Rainier with Harvey on July 7th! Everything worked out great, the mountain is a beast, don't underestimate DC route! -Alex
  3. Partner for Hood or Jeff

    email sent, thanks, Alex
  4. Hi Flintlock, PM sent. Thanks,Alex
  5. Hi Brandon, I have sent you a PM. Thanks,Alex
  6. Hello, I'm looking to re-attempt Mt. Hood via the south side old chute route 7/5-7/7, I'm flying into Portland on 7/4 and I can climb the mountain any day. I am from the Northeast and I have a lot of winter hiking experience and crampons/ice axe travel experience, also took glacier travel and crevasse rescue courses. I plan on bringing an axe and an ice tool. I also have a 30m rope which I can bring for the team. Looking for a local partner with similar or more experience to climb with, thank you! -Alex