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  1. Mt Hood

    I'm recovering from some knee problems but i'm ready to get climbing again. I wanted to do a shorter climb and Hood seems like a good candidate. What would be a good route this time of the year? I was thinking Sunshine but unsure if it would be best to descend via south side? Maybe West Crater Rim?
  2. Two people bailed on a trip, I'm stuck with two passes. They haven't been signed on the back yet so you can write your name in. They cost $45 and are good for the rest of the year. I'll sell each one for $40. I live it Portland so if you live near by we can meet up. I can also ship them out if you would like.
  3. For Sale: Two 2014 Mt Rainier Climbing Passes

    Bump! Save 5$! I'll sell both for $75 and you will save $15!
  4. Trip: Mt Rainier - Disappointment Cleaver Date: 7/1/2014 Trip Report: A buddy and myself drove up to the park from Portland the morning of July 1st. We got there around 10am and was heading to Muir Camp about an hour later. It was sunny and warm out with a slight breeze going on. From the trail head it's pretty much all snow till Muir Camp. The snow field was rather slushy but what else can you expect when it's sunny and 70 degrees. We got up to camp about five hours later to find out it wasn't that packed. There was around 8 tents set up and a few guided parties. We woke up around 12am with the sound of the guided parties leaving. We got up at this point, got ready, and headed out. The Cowlitz Glacier was a simple walk across following the well worn boot path. Next was crossing over the Cathedral Rocks to get to the Ingraham Glacier. IG had a solid boot path as well and not many crevasses opening up near the path. Next up was the Disappointment Cleaver. It still had a decent amount of snow on it so there wasn't that much scramble. There was fixed lines pretty much the whole way as well. After getting off of the cleaver we made our way up to the rim. Again there was a super worn boot path and wands. There was a few crevasses along the path which were mostly small step overs. There was one that prompted a small jump and it will probably have opened up some more from all of this warm weather. Around 1300 feet clouds and high winds rolled in. At this point there was about 50 feet of visibility. We continued up and made it to the crater. We dropped our packs and made our way over to the Columbia Crest. The winds were still high and very low visibility so we didn't stick around for long. It was around 7am when started to make our way back down. Not much changed coming back down. Once we got past 1200 feet the clouds went away though. The snow got a little more mushy but no new crevasses opened up. Once we made it back to camp we ate some food, packed up, and headed back down to the car. The snow field was super slushy at this point in the afternoon but at least it was down hill. lower part of IG: top of DC looking up to the rim: clouds rolled in: typical crevasse size you have to cross sun rise: Gear Notes: standard glacier travel gear (didn't use any of it) Approach Notes: Slog city
  5. SOLD! I recently upgrade and no longer need these crampons. They are about a year old and have been used about 20 times. Still in great shape and works fine. There is some rust where the paint has come off but it's no biggie. You can buy these new for around $170. I'm located in Portland.
  6. Trip: South Sister - South Ridge Date: 6/21/2014 Trip Report: I camped out at Devils Lake the night before. I got in kind of late and was worried there might not be a spot available. There only seemed to be a few other campers so there was plenty of room. I was a bit surprised since it was Friday and very nice out. I got started around 5am. About a half mile into the trail there was pretty constant snow pack. I brought some micro shoe spikes and put them on at this point. I continued up the ridge to the snow field. At the end of the snow field it's nothing but up. I make my way up to the Lewis Tarn expecting to see some blue water but nope! It was still completely frozen over. I continue going up which is a mix of rock and snow at this point. The very last part was the steepest snow but some rock was starting to show through. Nice day at the summit, ate a snack, and came on down. Gear Notes: Normal gear for a long day hike, micro spikes, and hike poles. Brought crampons and a ice axe but didn't use either. Approach Notes: The snow was soft enough / not steep enough to put on crampons. Using hiking poles and micro spikes I felt fine. If I didn't have the micro spikes it might have taken a bit longer though.
  7. [TR] South Sister - South Ridge 6/21/2014

    Oops! Thanks for the info
  8. I like to have a saved track before I do a new route but I can't seem to find any tracks from the past year. Could someone help me along and point me in the right direction? thanks!
  9. My plan was to head up this Thursday but weather is looking iffy. A few people also bailed on the trip so now i'm scrambling trying to find some others to go with.
  10. thanks, I just like to have it encase something goes wrong. I'll send ya an email now.