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  1. [TR] Liberty Ridge - Erotic Suicide 6/29/2013

    Great TR... We summited the day before you and enjoyed the solitude of having that side of the mountain to ourselves for our entire climb. The fresh snow from the week before tested our endurance as we post-holed up the snowfields to thumb rock and beyond, but the cloud we climbed into at the top (visible from the first picture) gave us the most trouble, as we couldn't see more than a few feet in front of us and ended up camping up top for 7 hours until the sun broke through. Going from the trailhead to Thumb Rock is definitely what I would do next time - though I'm glad we didn't plan on it as we spent a good amount of time navigating the glacier without any wands or tracks to follow. It looks like you may have seen the circles we went in before we found our way across that sketchy bridge you took a picture on top of! Cheers, Mike