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  1. Mt Hood

    gkartashov82, Mt Adams might be alright. I climbed it in September last year and it was fine. Lots of people up there though. Not a technical climb but gets you to 12000'-something. PM me if you want another climber- I'm at a bit of a loose end.
  2. Mt Hood

    I knew it was out of ideal season but couldn't find too much on the forums with specifics as to why-thanks for the heads-up. If I was to go up just to practice some skills, rather than to summit, can anyone recommend some good areas around timberline? (I'll catching the bus in so Timebrline is accessible).
  3. Mt Hood

    Hi, I was looking at climbing the hogback pearly gates route solo sometime in the next week. Has anyone got any advice on climbing in August or info on current conditions? Thanks
  4. Cascades 9/11-9/15

    I am looking for a partner for mountaineering this week. I'm visiting the Portland area and would love an opportunity to get up on some of the north cascades. I've spent 6 days doing a course on Baker with Alpine Ascents and a Rainier attempt with a friend last weekend. This is my only experience at mountaineering so I'm very new but I'm fit, well equipped and am confident with glacial travel and crevasse rescue.I do not have a car but I can meet in Portland or Seattle.