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  1. These are still available. Offering $200 for each card/balance. Over $50 savings for each card!
  2. I have a couple gift cards / store credit I'd like to recoup costs on. Outdoor Research - $251.03. This is store credit attached to my online account. I don't think I can "transfer" it per se, but I could order for you and ship to your address and you venmo me. Or meet you at a coffee shop and we could do it together (I'm in Ballard, Seattle) or we could work something else out. Eddie Bauer - I have $254.33 gift card/store credit at Eddie Bauer that I have no use for. Would like to sell to someone who would use it. Asking $230 OBO. I have a physical gift card for this that I can hand over to you, or simply the gift card number to be used online. Please message me if interested. Regards, Julian
  3. I didn't know her on a deep personal level but climbed with her several times, and ran into her here and there at the crags and gym. I first met her when I was getting into trad. She invited me out with her crew to Trout Creek and made me feel welcome. Tragic, unfortunate loss for sure RIP Laurel
  4. Awesome read. With a great partnership amazing things can happen. Thanks for this inspiration and congrats on the accomplishment Blake!
  5. Yeah, these were purchased at backcountry.com and they will accept them as a return but not for a refund. Only for in-store credit. Was really looking to get cash for them... I'd be willing to drop the price to $410 if anyone is still interested.
  6. These are the Pro version and have the solid wire bail (as opposed to the plastic clip/strap thingy).
  7. I had the grand idea that I'd get into alpine climbing and maybe ice climbing about a year ago. I've never actually followed through with this, and thus haven't been able to use these boots. AT ALL. These are the exact same pair of boots you see here - http://www.backcountry.com/la-sportiva-nepal-evo-gtx-mountaineering-boot-mens I paid $509.95 for them all said and done. These are BRAND NEW, UNUSED. I have not even worn them outside one time. I'd like to get as much back for them as possible, so let's just call it $500 and good. You save $10 and I recoup some costs. YAY!
  8. I'm selling a gently used MSR Reactor stove. Looks brand new and only used a handful of times to heat up water (which if you're familiar with this stove, you know it's insanely quick at doing). I'm asking $135 which I think is very reasonable considering it's condition and current retail price. This comes with: Reactor stove, 1.7L hard anodized aluminum pot, handle, and BPA-free lid. Same as what you see here for $199 http://www.backcountry.com/msr-reactor-stove?ti=U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM6c3RvdmU6MTo3OnN0b3Zl&skid=CAS0370-SS-ONSI
  9. I'm looking to climb Davis Holland and linkup with Lovin' Arms this weekend. I'd like to find a competent, safe trad partner! I climb/lead low 5.10s and can get through 5.11s but not clean (yet). Looking for a partner with similar skills (or if you're stronger that works too). I live in Seattle and climb at SG and VW but mostly like to climb outside. Let me know if any interest. This weekend is gonna be great weather, but hoping to get there early to beat the afternoon heat. I've got a full rack, rope (70m 9.8) and car. I live in Seattle. Julian / digitalsy @ gmail . com
  10. Selling a brand new Petzl SAMA size Medium. Used ONCE with no leader falls this past weekend. Had to buy it at the Goat's Beard in Mazama after realizing I forgot mine at home. I bought it for $66.95 but asking $60. My loss, your gain. I'm located in/around Seattle. Let me know! digitalsy @ gmail . com -Julian
  11. On March 16th I lost my beloved Patagonia R1 fleece hoody (red wax color, size medium) at the Sunshine Wall area in Vantage. If anyone has this or knows anyone that found it around this time, I would really appreciate having it returned. It was quite expensive and I'm currently unemployed so it stings that much more Thanks, Julian 425-213-8051
  12. This book doesn't seem to be available anymore. I'm hoping someone has an extra or wants to sell theirs. Please let me know digitalsy@gmail Thanks Julian
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