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  1. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Looking for over-50 climber(s) to partner with for Rainier this coming season. I (59 yo male) can't be the old guy on a team of 30-somethings, so I'm looking for partner(s) who are closer to my age for better compatibility. Thanks! Theo
  2. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Hi All, Lots of good traffic on this thread, thank you all... I kind of thought it was already too late in the season for this year, and I've had a lot of personal difficulties in the past few months, so I don't know if anything is feasible for me right now. But I'm certainly still interested in, I dunno, whatever... Rainier is certainly still on my bucket list. I'm interested in like-minded people around my age (59) who are interested in the most simple, straightforward trip. Nothing fancy as I think even the easiest route will be enough of a challenge.
  3. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Okay, that sounds great, James. Keep me posted please! Theo
  4. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Thanks James; I think I DM'ed you instead of replying, sorry about that. Plz let me know if you didn't get the message. Ted
  5. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Hi Allan, Thanks for the note, I sure appreciate it. I've never been on Rainier, but I've been dreaming about it for the past 10 years or so... I'm talking to a group who plan to climb in June, but give me a shout if you make plans for the DC or similarly 'easy' route, and maybe we should talk. Ted
  6. Hi James,

    Thanks very much for your note. I guess I should have mentioned in my post that I'm looking for the simplest and most straightforward climb; the DC route, most likely. I just want to experience Rainier and hopefully summit as I have never been on the mountain. It seems like maybe you want to do more difficult routes than I had in mind... I think you might be out of my league, lol. 

    If you find yourself looking for DC partners, give me a shout!

    Thanks again,