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  1. Hi All, Lots of good traffic on this thread, thank you all... I kind of thought it was already too late in the season for this year, and I've had a lot of personal difficulties in the past few months, so I don't know if anything is feasible for me right now. But I'm certainly still interested in, I dunno, whatever... Rainier is certainly still on my bucket list. I'm interested in like-minded people around my age (59) who are interested in the most simple, straightforward trip. Nothing fancy as I think even the easiest route will be enough of a challenge.
  2. Okay, that sounds great, James. Keep me posted please! Theo
  3. Thanks James; I think I DM'ed you instead of replying, sorry about that. Plz let me know if you didn't get the message. Ted
  4. Hi Allan, Thanks for the note, I sure appreciate it. I've never been on Rainier, but I've been dreaming about it for the past 10 years or so... I'm talking to a group who plan to climb in June, but give me a shout if you make plans for the DC or similarly 'easy' route, and maybe we should talk. Ted
  5. Hi James,

    Thanks very much for your note. I guess I should have mentioned in my post that I'm looking for the simplest and most straightforward climb; the DC route, most likely. I just want to experience Rainier and hopefully summit as I have never been on the mountain. It seems like maybe you want to do more difficult routes than I had in mind... I think you might be out of my league, lol. 

    If you find yourself looking for DC partners, give me a shout!

    Thanks again,



  6. Looking for over-50 climber(s) to partner with for Rainier this coming season. I (59 yo male) can't be the old guy on a team of 30-somethings, so I'm looking for partner(s) who are closer to my age for better compatibility. Thanks! Theo
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