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  1. My son and I just returned back to Wisconsin from climbing the Coleman Deming Route to the Summit on Mt Baker. Very icy higher up but absolutely incredible. I also climbed the Kautz to the summit about three weeks ago. It too was in great condition. I'm all done going out to the PNW for now but I will still follow the forum. Have to see what comes about for next year. There are no other alpine climbers here in Wisconsin besides my son and I (55y/o) so that is a significant downside. Good luck and be safe out there! James LeBouef
  2. Ted I got your DM. Thanks for the reply. If my June climb is a no go I would be up for anything. I've been up the DC many times but I just love climbing and don't care about the route as long as there is good company. Like I said I know my son and I are shooting for a mid July climb but I will be free for whatever around that. Lets see what shakes out in the next week. I am very flexible with my scheduling etc..... James
  3. Hi James,

    Thanks very much for your note. I guess I should have mentioned in my post that I'm looking for the simplest and most straightforward climb; the DC route, most likely. I just want to experience Rainier and hopefully summit as I have never been on the mountain. It seems like maybe you want to do more difficult routes than I had in mind... I think you might be out of my league, lol. 

    If you find yourself looking for DC partners, give me a shout!

    Thanks again,



  4. I'm over 50 and still enjoy climbing. I have been waiting for 4 years to do Liberty Ridge with IMG but every year it gets cancelled. I've done various routes on Rainier and Baker etc... Shoot me an email/message if you would like. I'm on the waitlist for Fuhrer Finger (Love this climb with a detour up the Wilson Headwall) in June. My son and I are planning a Kautz carryover in July so I'm up for something. Who knows???? Cheers James LeBouef
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