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  1. Combined Mt Rainier links weather/conditions

    http://www.mountrainierclimbing.us/weather/weather.php Lots of information all in one place.
  2. These boots are in great condition. A few trips up Rainier, minimal wear, clean. Size 43 Includes stock insoles and additional tongue inserts. Pictures to follow shortly. New $510 Asking$400 obo
  3. 1 Timex watch: grey band with some purple around the face fairly beat up. 1 Ring: silver and turquoise with spiral designs Neither item is particularly valuable but would be great to get them back if you happen upon them. The ring was on the watch band when it fell out of my pack from the last rappel station. Looked around for a bit to no avail, obviously didn't see where it landed. Karma, good climbing, and beer your way. Cheers!