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  1. Slesse pocket glacier status

    Got down just this morning from bailing. Bivied at propellor cairn and heard at least one major ice fall event per hour all night. Woke up to this jumble the main issue was a tongue of glacier blocking the ramp to take us up and over to the pocket glacier bypass route. It didn't look to be hanging on by much and had water gushing beneath it across it's entire width. I'm sure it will be gone soon. A deteriorating forecast and high clouds and lenticulars made the decision to retreat easier. Here's a shot from the memorial: The access to the full buttress looks pretty well guarded at this point as well. It was our first time to slesse, but those are some nasty glaciers.
  2. Hey everyone, I have a First Ascent 0 degree down sleeping bag, virtually brand new, that I would like to sell. It is a great bag, used on one trip for 2 nights on a winter ski trip on Mt. Rainier. It was plenty warm for the frigid nights, but at 6'3" I'm just barely too tall for the regular size, and my feet were a bit cold as a result of pressing against the bottom. So, unfortunately, I need to sell it to someone who will fit better. MSRP is $450, and like I said it is really basically brand new, still in the cotton bag it came in. I would take 300$. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks, Sean