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  1. Chicken and bibles, upper reaches of Ranier. Just launches the imagination. Aren't hardcover bibles part of the ten essentials for many groups up there? Did you read the chicken relevant biblical passages before setting it loose? And why not set the bibles free, too? Why did the chicken climb Ranier? So it could get away from the bibles... And on and on.
  2. Thankfully, the TR didn't include an image of that. Highly entertaining TR - and follow-up exchange. Thanks.
  3. Info request - Mt. Adams, White Salmon Glacier

    Working on it for next week. Actually considering WSG as the ascent route. Looks aesthetic - like the rock gate at the top - and less crowded.
  4. Info request - Mt. Adams, White Salmon Glacier

    Thanks. Just the kind of info I was looking for.
  5. Simple but obscure question here - much rockfall hazard from The Pinnacle and other cliffs above the WSG? OK, maybe not simple; the place can produce some the region's largest rockfalls. But on a more typical day. An early-season day. On the spectrum of "a few pebbles rolled past" to "It was raining whizzing chunks o death so we ran away." Thanks.