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  1. Found: Ice axe on Jefferson

    I found an axe on Jefferson on September 14. Describe the axe in detail and location where you think you lost it and I'll get it back to you.
  2. Found: Ice axe on Jefferson

    The axe has made it back into the hands of its owner.
  3. Found: Ice axe on Jefferson

    The location at which I found the axe seems off from what he described. Also, I haven't had a response yet. I thought I'd submit a 'found' post to address a wider audience in the event that it belongs to someone else. I'll try to get a mini-TR up soon.
  4. Ice Axe, Mt. Jefferson

    @thomasjsmith - I may have found your axe. PM sent. As of September 14 the traverse is nearly snow free. There was a patch maybe 20 ft across.