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  1. Found: Ice axe on Jefferson

    The axe has made it back into the hands of its owner.
  2. Found: Ice axe on Jefferson

    The location at which I found the axe seems off from what he described. Also, I haven't had a response yet. I thought I'd submit a 'found' post to address a wider audience in the event that it belongs to someone else. I'll try to get a mini-TR up soon.
  3. Found: Ice axe on Jefferson

    I found an axe on Jefferson on September 14. Describe the axe in detail and location where you think you lost it and I'll get it back to you.
  4. Ice Axe, Mt. Jefferson

    @thomasjsmith - I may have found your axe. PM sent. As of September 14 the traverse is nearly snow free. There was a patch maybe 20 ft across.