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  1. Fake grasses for the backyard?

    I'm not talking about those real real real obviously fake, ugly bright green grass. I'm talking about those fake grasses that look actually real and have different tones of green to make it seem more realistic. so my question is, what have been your experiences with it?
  2. Mount Stuart

    I agree. Best to go when it's all filled with firm snow. Take an axe for self arrest and crampons for when the snow is hard in the morning.
  3. Do you take 2 cordalettes?

    Are they then going to belay you with a munter on the next pitch? Or is this assuming that this is the to pout pitch?
  4. Mountaineers

    I think you will hear many things, positive and negative. You could do worse than the mountaineers. You could also do better. All depends on how much you put into it for either option.