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  1. Hey there is your splitboard setup still available? Kevin
  2. Rab Infinity down jacket - Medium, moderately used, very small tear patched on back, lost the stuff sack.. $75 (payed $190 on sale, retailed $270) Rab Latok Alpine event shell - Large, only used on a couple occasions, practically new. $140 (Payed $300 retail) Trew Powfunk shell - XL, a few seasons old, only used a few times. $75 (Retailed $400) Kavu fleece: Large, small burn hole on back.. $15 For sizing reference, I'm 6'3", 175 lbs. While widths are good, both Rabs and the powfunk are cut a bit short for my preference. I'll be back in WA within a week, will probably be able to meet between Tacoma and Bellingham. Feel free to text me at (253) 381-7146 or email at kevbella@gmail.com
  3. How long have you had them? Are you the original owner?
  4. Yeah that would've been pretty sweet. No worries man, thanks anyways.
  5. I've got last years (2011/2012) lib tech travis rice 164.5 that has seen two deep days and is practically new. It's just a little bit too much board for me, so putting this out there to see if anyone is interested in trading for their 161.5 t rice or a 161W attack banana. Would also be stoked to throw some cash your way for a t rice hp or this years t rice/attack. I'm often in tacoma, seatown, and bham.
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